About us

Baby Artchibald is a startup founded in 2021 by the young entrepreneur Kim (33), which is an independent baby and children's brand that focuses on comfortable, stylish and natural toxin-free clothing and accessories.

New ideas and inspiration are continuously drawn from everyday life with the entrepreneur's young daughter.

To meet the demands of sensitive baby skin, Baby Artchibald produces cuddly soft everyday clothing and blankets as well as useful accessories for teething and teething development in premium quality, which are specially designed, individually controlled and assembled and packaged by hand.

A large part of the materials used by Baby Artchibald are already made of natural and untreated fabrics without synthetic fiber additives, which can trigger allergies, are rather harmful to the environment and (contrary to clever advertising promises) are rarely truly breathable. Another part of the Baby Artchibald collection, such as the ribbed fabrics, is GOTS certified and thus meets additional quality criteria of a biologically sustainable and responsible production.

The goal of the young brand is to provide over time the entire textile stock of natural fiber products and environmentally sustainable alternatives.

Nice that you have chosen Baby Artchibald and thus make a valuable contribution to achieving this goal!

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